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by Giorgio Chiarvesio

 I am pleased to announce the landing in the world of NFT and crypto art


How many  images our eyes are flooded daily

and how mahy of theese images leave an indelible mark?

My name is Giorgio Chiarvesio and realize abstract photographs using the colored glazes

with which I am going to create dinamic and elegant compositions.


An extraordinary novelty for the opening of a SHOWROOM that presents a series of abstract photographs taken from the Colors Art project. The exhibition area has a width of 200 square meters and is located in a body shop, in a sector dedicated to art and culture. It is located in Fagagna (UD) ITALY, in Via Udine 158. Address is present on Google Maps.

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I always had a vocation from an early age to these extraordinary instruments of expression of their emotions that are the hands, drawing with colored pencils and black and white

but I never confronting me in public exhibitions

perhaps out of shyness or because this way of expressing

myself not my thought to the point

to consider it a rewarding goal.

I graduated at the Art Institute in the early 90's and

I have pursued some courses

computer graphics, then life has developed between

the work and passion for art

But without ever entering the universe facade that counts.

And 'so that at the end of 2013 I made a project of abstract photographs

I called COLORS ART which led me to make the  group exhibitions

 in Munich, Barcelona, Rome, Miami ,Basel, New York ecc..

Everything starts from two years of experimentation

through painting, trying new

techniques until you find this way of doing photography

is my optimal size.


Writing behind the gaze of an observer can be noticed

in these abstract art works

a sense of dynamism and depth of the subjects thanks to

an essential component that

I have used and that hardly would such effects if these glazes

were laid on canvas

or any other media, so I consider this aspect to be a novelty

the art world and just what I was looking for in my artistic life.

My field of action to realise the photo shoots is reduced

to a large container not more than 10 cm in diameter and

in such cases even more reduced

where I go to place colored glazes and with camera

Digital I take this moment when known that these are

molded creating special effects.

The shot is then optimized and printed on photo paper

 and on professional fine art cards. 

This way of working does not allow me to control the way in which

all'inerno the fluids of the container are deposited only in part,

I can just decide what colors to choose and the amount there

of which then will seizethe viewer's gaze.

In the gallery I present some shots that contain the actual objects

to make it clear to the observer that the margin

of artistic solutions is infinite.

For me these experiments are something extraordinary

and innovative,

 it is as if he had put aside the boundary between

photography and painting

to give space to the observer's imagination

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The subjects displayed on this site are depicted in low resolution by the author to avoid inappropriate use of the images without permission.

If you would like to see the complete works already printed in HD please mail to or call

+39 3474463574.

A voucher of a print is issued with a certificate of originality and a payment receipt that sets the affiliation of the work to the author but provides for a final cession to the buyer.

The prints are made up to a maximum of 5 photographic reproduction copies to protect their value in the future.

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